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Morbidly obese, suffering from arthritis with further concerns regarding cancer and diabetes and without a plan or direction regarding supplementation and healthier eating…..NO MORE! My Chiropractor provides chiropractic adjustments to deal with my subluxations (misaligned spine), structured and informative FREE lectures ( with subjects from ADD/ADHD, arthritis, fermentation, organic foods, recipes, smoothies, super foods, supplements, to wildly held myths regarding health) & the literature and sites for further follow-up; arranges super outings for walks & visits to cheese, wine, honey and meat farms and apple orchards; and most importantly takes the time to listen, evaluate and propose suggestions and courses of action for wellness, nutrition and lifestyle strategies. Dr. Noah and Dr. Mike are all about helping to create the well balanced plan for a healthier self. My successes to date: a 34 lb weight loss, a more educated self making healthier food & supplement choices and a spring to my step. I still have a way to go however the journey is that much less painful and full of smiles. Thank you Dr. Mike and Dr. Noah

Tom Andretti

Paleo changed my life
Two and a half months ago I was 265 lbs taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication, suffering from lung disease that prevented me from walking up a flight of stairs without losing my breath let alone working out to get in shape. My seasonal allergies were killing me. Then I visited Dr. Noah and Dr. Mike and they told me about The Paleo Diet. I read the books and it seemed to make sense to me. In the ensuing months I have lost 28 pounds, been taken off blood pressure and cholesterol medications due to my great blood work and I am jogging again, my allergies are all but gone. In general for the first time in years I can say I feel great. To say Paleo and my Chiropractors have changed my life is an understatement.


The Paleo Diet was introduced to me by Dr. Noah and Dr. Mike following my concerns about the way I was feeling both mentally and physically. I was never one to stick to diets, so I was a little skeptical. After reading all the material he gave me, I decided to give it a shot. I happy to say that I have just completed the 30 day Paleo Diet Challenge and to date I have lost 12lbs. For me it wasn’t a diet but an actual lifestyle change. I can’t stop talking about it when I’m with my friends and family when they ask how good I look. My acid reflux, attitude and complexion have never been better. The most important thing is how I feel on the inside. I feel great both mentally and physically. Thank you Dr. Mike and Dr. Noah for your support and dedication to your profession.


I came across the Family Chiropractic Center of Bayonne through a desperate Google search trying to deal with my back pain. What I found was a group of people who care about the health and happiness of my family. Outside of helping me with my back pain and teaching me the importance of chiropractic care, the office has become a partner in my path to wellness. When I got to my wits end with my back pain I was also fed up with my digestive health, it just so happened that Dr. Noah and Dr. Mike was on the same journey. They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about making everyone that walks into the practice healthier than they were before. At 30 I feel happier and healthier than ever have and I can attribute a lot of that to Dr. Noah and Dr. Mike. I trust their advice and appreciate all that he has done for me and my family.


So excited… Lost 7 pounds and I now fit into an outfit that I held on to from before I had my second son. More importantly I wish I started Paleo years ago. I feel healthy & more energy! Thanks for introducing me to this challenge.

Matthew Czochanski


My name is Matthew Czochanski, I have been a patient of Family Chiropractic Center for some time now. I originally came in because of a fall I had taken in a grocery store. I had some severe problems with my neck and low back. I couldn’t even move. Since I have been coming to Dr. Noah, I have noticed a dractic improvement. Chiropractic Care has given me a better outlook on my body. It has relieved me from my aches beyond all imagination. I sincerely recommend Chiropractic care to those who are burdened with aches and pains, as well as those who aren’t. Thank you very much

David Dobbins

Dear Friends,

When I first came to see Dr. Noah, it was immediately following a terrible weight lifting injury. I had unbearable pain in my lower back that was so bad, I could barely walk. I was also leaning to one side while I walked and had a hard time getting in and out of bed.

In the first three and a half weeks after beginning Chiropractic care, I made remarkable improvement. I’m certain that my rapid recovery was due to the care I received by Dr. Noah and Family Chiropractic Center.

I plan on continuing my Chiropractic care to insure that this pain or any other pain never inflicts me again. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone. It has made a world of difference in my life. Thank you Dr. Noah!

Desirae Mortimer

It wasn’t too long ago that I started under Chiropractic care, and already I can feel a difference. I never realized that something as simple as getting your spine adjusted a few times a week can make that kind of difference in your life. It really improves your performance in everything that you do, whether it’s school,, work, or simple little activities.

I now notice my posture has improved greatly. I sleep better and I no longer have bad headaches like I used too. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to mention when you no longer have to think about the pain in your back you can really begin to focus on other things, and chiropractic care has helped me achieve exactly that!

Christian Engleman

Dear Friends,

I began to receive Chiropractic Care early in November 2002. Before that time I couldn’t walk for more than 30 minutes without sitting to rest my aching back. I am happy to say that since I started with Dr. Noah, my energy has increased and my overall stamina has improved. At the same time I feel less irritable and I am not restless anymore. I am now able to walk for hours at a time in the city without feeling the need to sit. I would recommend Chiropractic care and Dr. Noah to anyone whose back problems keep them from being as mobile or as energetric as they could be.

Davinder Bharma

Dear Dr Noah,

I am so glad I followed up on my meeting with you after the Bayonne Summer Fair. Since then my back and my entire body have been feeling much better. I have also become more in touch with my body and its care with the help of your program.

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