My Story

One of my earliest memories of being sick was lying on my parents pull out sofa bed holding my right ear and screaming in agony with a wicked inner ear infection.  At an early age I became very familiar with the pink bubble gum tasting amoxicillin and slurped it off the spoon like a champ.  This became routine 4 /5 or more times a year; strep throat, ear infection, ear infection, strep throat.  My mother not knowing anything different continued on this path….

This all changed around the age of 12.  While watching my minor league baseball game sitting on those hard cold aluminum bleachers my mother began to complain of low back pain.  It just so happened that sitting beside her was Mickey R—.  It just so happened that Mickey R— worked for a Chiropractor and it just so happened that Mickey R— suggested my mother go see the Chiropractor she worked for.  This changed my mother’s life, my life, my family’s life, and countless other lives for the healthier.

Thankfully she took the action step of actually making the appointment and seeing Dr. Elliot. During her 1st  visit she was examined, x-rayed, adjusted, and most importantly Dr. Elliot explained to her the condition of her spine and nervous system, what true health is, what Chiropractic was and wasn’t, and what she could expect. Her results were fantastic. I can only assume the idea that health comes from within, that the nervous system coordinates and controls everything, and that if your spine and nervous system is subluxated you cannot express your full potential truly resonated with my mom.

Shortly after her first visit I found myself hoping on the table face down, turning my head to the left then to the right and getting my first adjustment. Getting off the table feeling lighter my mom and I left and while we were walking down the hallway side by side I turned to her and said, “That’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.” It took me a while to realize the full extent of my 1st adjustment.  Since that first adjustment 22 years ago I’ve yet to have another bout of strep throat or ear infection and haven’t taken an antibiotic or any other medication since.

So since the age of 12 I dedicated my life to this thing called Chiropractic and the Chiropractic Lifestyle. Fast forward 10 years and I graduated from Montclair State University.  Move forward 4 more years and I graduated from Life University with my DC degree.  A few weeks after graduation my fiancé then, wife now Kerri and I moved back to NJ and I was ready to go.

Coming full circle the same Chiropractor that gave me my first adjustment 14 years prior was ready to expand and I got thrown into a satellite office in Bayonne. My 1st week of practice I saw 16 people, within three years I was seeing over 200 people a week and became a partner. (At this same time my mother who introduced me to Chiropractic and my life’s mission was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and died 30 days later – needless to say my resolve to bring natural health and wellness only grew.) 2 years later I bought my partners out and moved into my dear friends building on the corner of 33rd and Broadway and continued my practice at this location.  At this moment we are serving the Bayonne / Jersey City Community as the largest wellness facility in the area with 5 Independent Chiropractors, a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, and a Holistic Nutritionist.

*In my wallet I carry a small welcome note that my mother left me attached to a gift that I received the first day at my dorm room in Montclair State University.  On the front it says Welcome – Noah De Koyer – Freeman Hall – Rm. 314.  On the back there is a personalized note in my mother’s hand writing that says – “Today begins a new chapter for you.  Go for it all as you always have.  We Love You. Mom, Dad, Jeff, and Laura.”

I encourage you all too deeply consider this advice.  Each and every day is a new chapter.  Every day you can go for it!, whatever that It may be.

Thank you for reading,