Getting back in touch with real natural foods along with Chiropractic Care is the 2 most important steps  towards  health, wellness, and longevity.  Interestingly enough the two are intimately connected.  The intersection between these two key factors of health are a healthy gut and digestive system contributing to a healthy brain.  Cultured and fermented foods are a sure fire way to increase the health of your digestive system, in turn increasing the health of your brain. Cultured and fermented foods has been a hobby of mine for nearly 10 years and on Saturday June 16th I taught my first class on this subject.  Here are some pictures from the event.  Saturday November 17th  I will be teaching the second part of this class………

Supplies – Samples-Water Kefir

Setting the scene – lecture before hand!

Chopping beets to make Beet Kvass.

Apple Cider Vingegar – Organic Milk- Water Kefir – Kombucha – Beer

Making Healthy Soda from Water Kefir and organic apple juice.

Pouring a sample of over flowing bubbling Pear Water Kefir Soda!

Making healthy cultured ketchup.

Capping the finished Cultured Ketchup in mason jars.

If there are any comments or questions please respond I am interested in them greatly!

I had a blast – Dr. N