What is spinal subluxation? Simply put, it is a spinal bone that has moved from its normal position causing irritation to a spinal nerve.  The effects can be devastating – beginning with loss of normal function that can also cause pain, numbness, and stiffness. It can even cause dysfunction of a specific organ or body part.  Without correction of a subluxation, the body is unable to function properly, has lower resistence, and less capacity for health and healing.

A specific spinal adjustment is the solution to this problem.  Only doctors of Chiropractic correct subluxations.  Exercise and diet play a role in health, however, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A SPECIFIC SPINAL ADJUSTMENT. With the body working properly, it can function at 100%.  A body that is functioning at 100% will have greater ability to fight off disease, and will certainly have greater opportunity for life long health.  At the Family Chiropractic Center, the interference is removed and proper function is restored.